Check for mouseclick + Ctrlkey-pressed


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Jul 2, 2004
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A brief overview of what my program must do:
My program must enable users to select multiple records from a datagridby pressing the ctrl-key and clicking on the record. When more than onerecord is displayed, a topmost-form appears which lists the recordsthat are selected. The content from the datagrid may change atany given time, but the contents in the form with specificuser-initiated events.

The problem:
I don't know how to handle the event / call the righteventhandler when the user presses the ctrl-key AND clicks a record inthe datagrid. I know the correct event when the selected recordchanges is Currentcellchanged, but I don't know how to correctly do themultiple-select thing.

Any help would be much appreciated and as always: If I find the answer I will post it here.
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