Change a value in a string


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Feb 26, 2022
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Hi I want to change the value of a charecter within a string

Private Sub ASC(ByRef MyStartString As String)
Dim temp As String
Dim x As Integer = 2
temp = MyStartString
Dim MyChar As Char
Dim MyAsc As Integer
Dim strLength As Integer
strLength = temp.Length
' Now for the fun bit
MyChar = temp.Chars(0)
MyAsc = AscW(MyChar)
MyAsc = MyAsc + 1 'x
MyChar = Chr(MyAsc)
temp.Chars(0) = MyChar ' Chars is ReadOnly

I have looked all over the internet for this one.
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I told you how to do this in your previous thread. Why have you ignored that? It's rather frustrating when someone asks for help, you provide it and they just ignore it and ask for more help. Why would we provide more help when what we've already provided has been ignored.