Can't see objects in browser


Feb 18, 2005
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I'm not totally sure that this is the correct forum. I'm assuming it's an IIS configuration issue.....

I'm doing a app in vb. I can add objects to the webform, but when I view in a browser the objects either don't show up, or they show up in the top left-hand corner of the page - like it's ignoring the position on the webform.

Can anyone help?????
What browser are you using? If it's an older one it may not support grid layout....

I'm v6.0. Shouldn't be the issue. I'm running an academic version of v7.0. When I connect to one of our other web servers and develop that way, it works fine. When I try to develop using my laptop (win2k pro w/ IIS) nothing displays correctly. I've compared the IIS setting w/ the working server - seems ok, but I'm new to this stuff. I had some trouble installing IIS, and the SNMP service always locks-up, so I have it disabled.
I installed IIS after .NET, but I ran the 'fix' install to install missing components. Do I have to re-install .NET from scratch since I installed it prior to IIS?
You shouldn't need too. Maybe try re-registering IIS with you reg_iis.exe \i from you .net folder. Maybe a script or something didn't get copyied.

It's here:
where \v1.1.4322 is your .net version.
It's aspnet_regiis.exe not reg_iis.exe (sorry about that)
Run it from the command prompt with the -i parameter.

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