Can I view VB6 ActiveX control properties within VS.NET 2003 property grid?


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Jan 12, 2005
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I've been searching the 'net off and on for quite some time trying to solve a mystery and haven't been able to find anything applicable. Wondering if maybe someone on this list might be of some assistance...

The situation is this: I've got several HTM pages that host VB6 UserControls (ActiveX controls), via <OBJECT> tags. By using Visual Interdev 6, I can add a control (e.g. "Microsoft Forms 2.0 Label", or "Microsoft Toolbar Control 6.0 (SP6)") to an HTM Page, and can then view/edit the control's properties in the Properties pane. These properties are in groups, e.g. Appearance, Attributes, Behavior, Misc, etc. For the record, I'm more interested in making this work for some custom controls with their custom properties, but the dilemna can be illustrated using this more generic Microsoft control.

Now here's the problem: if I open the same .HTM file inside VS.NET 2003 (e.g. right-click, choose "Edit with Visual Studio .NET 2003", or even start w/ a blank web project and add a blank web page), almost none of the properties appear!

This may be misleading, but I think the only properties I'm seeing are the ones which can be set as attributes of the <OBJECT> tag (e.g. <OBJECT classid="...", width="..."), while I'm not seeing anything that would normally be saved within an embedded <PARAM> tags (and read/written from/to PropertyBags using the UserControl_ReadProperties and UserControl_WriteProperties methods that VB6 provides).

I have noticed that I can access a control's PropertyPage from VS.NET, but the custom controls I'm interested in don't have one. I'm also aware I could upgrade (re-write?) the custom controls into VB.Net UserControls, but that's not really an option right now...

So, does anyone here know of any way to make the properties show up in the VS.NET property pane?

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- Kevin
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