Buttons move on inherited form


Jul 3, 2004
Programming Experience
Hi I have a bit of a problem I am inheriting. I have added some buttons on a groupbox that is located on a panel (on the base form). when I inherit from this form and not resize the inherited form it apears to work fine. but as soon as I resize the form the buttons start moving around ... not with the rest of the controls.

The Buttons is in the left bottom corner and its anchor value has been set to right bottom. the groupbox works fine and resize correctly has anyone ever come across a simular problem ... can anyone help.
have you coded any movement for any of the objects in the resize event on the base form? if you have, then that's why
No there is no code on the base and inhertited form form that is what is so interesting. I don't know if it is important but I am using source safe .