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Feb 17, 2005
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I work in the local government industry and I want to create a program that will work off of our website so that users can access property info, etc. I thought that I would learn Visual Basic and run an exe. from the site, but after viewing some vb forums I have heard that is the way to go. Is this what I should be using? If so, can I use the copy of visual basic 6 that I have or do I need to buy another costly software package? How much is it? Any info would be GREATLY appreciated!
Kevin Pearson
I began programming with VB 6.0 and a lot of VBA. Within the past month I've migrated to VB .NET. VB 6.0 in my view was quite incomplete and where it was incomplete VB .NET seems to pick up the slack for the most part. With that said I find that VB .NET tends to be a little more difficult.

Moving forward I definately recommend thinking about .NET. You can buy the standard edition for about a hundred bucks but this will only alow for local machine development. For this reason you will probably need to get Visual Studio which runs about $1100. Kinda pricy but in the long run well worth it.
Thanks for the response. Could I still use VB6 for what I want to do on the website? If I can, I take it that it is best to learn vb6 first so that will not be so difficult to learn? What is VBA?
I would go straight to learning VB .NET. I'm not entirely familiar with your information architecture but I believe that you will be limited with VB 6.0.

Since VB .NET is the way things are moving I'd definately try to learn this, you can sign up for classes for cheap.

VBA is Visual Basic for Applications (programming excel, access, etc.).