Begiiners help with databases


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Apr 21, 2005
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Hey. Can anyone point me to a tutorial, or some source code that shows you

a: how to create a database
b: create a table in that database
c: connect to that database
d: add/edit/delete rows of that table?

I am not knew to Visual Basic, but am new to using databases and .NET

Thanks in advance
Do you want to use Access, MSDE/SQL Server or some other Database? If you want to build a database in code, you will need to learn some (actually a fair bit of) SQL. If you are using Access you can create the database in the Access application. If you are using MSDE/SQL Server, they will integrate into VS.NET through the Server Explorer. As I work mostly with Access, I've only used this method a little and am no expert. Go to for information on the System.Data.OleDb namespace, which you would use to interact with an Access database. There are corresponding classes for interacting with other types of databases too. Go to for information on ADO.NET, which is the preferred method of data access for .NET.

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