Auto fill, Sorta Web Bot


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Jul 28, 2011
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Hello all, My name is Devin and i'm new here.

I fill out for job applications all day. It gets redudant and boring. So I said...I wonder if I could use the skills i have already to do this automagically.

How would you guys go about this?

I want to auto fill my contact info(the usual stuff required for online applications)

also auto fill work experience and school and skills. the problem is Online Job Applications are so dynamic. Some require you to register, Most text field names are named different.

I was thinking of building web browser in with a side panel. I would have a button to "attempt" to auto fill all fields. If there are errors I would then manually click in the text box and click specific button on panel to autofill the text box.

Or thinking of someway to have this app interact with my browser. (IE 9, Firefox 5)

What would you do?
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