Question Attach a form to the window of a separate process?

J. Scott Elblein

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Dec 14, 2006
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What is the usual method to attach a vb form to the window of another process? For example, the program "Listary" attaches a "toolbar" (probably just a small form) to OpenFileDialogs, and moves along with it if the OFD is moved:

I'm hoping to save a lot of time and find a pre-made example since it seems like this would hardly be the first time it's ever been done.

Is it some combo of setting a timer to constantly check the position of the other window via winAPI, read it's coords, and set my own form's coords? Or perhaps a SetParent API call, or something?
Ty @JohnH , tested it out and works great. Rather than do all the conversion to VB for it though, think I'm just gonna use this as an opportunity to finally learn WPF + C#, lol.