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Mar 4, 2009
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I'm currently trying to use ajax for a partial page update.
I use AjaxControlToolkit for that (asp:UpdatePanel). It works fine

I use too the intelligencia url rewriter. It works fine too, no particular problem.

The problem comes when both are used at the same time.

In a page like that: http://domain/search/ which refers to http://domain/modules/search.aspx, the ajax works fine one time but the second time I click on the submit button, I have an PageRequestManagerServerErrorException throwed. If I don't use url rewriter by using this page directly at /modules/search.aspx, there is no problem.

I have checked, thanks to firebug, the network traces and it appears that at the second query, the server does not use the refered page (/modules/search.aspx) but the address it shows in the address bar. So, it sends the query to /search/search.aspx so the 404 error is normal.

Have-you ever had this problem and if yes, could you tell me how did you resolve it ?

Thank you
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