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Jan 10, 2005
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I had web based Document Management system.The current working of application is like.

When any request for Document is come from the Client the the application search for the Requested Document in FTP which is on the m/c other that Web Server.....than it fetches Doc. form FTP Server and Saved it to Local Temp. folder(on web server m/c) and call Response.Redirect(File path) to show the Doc. to the client.

Now due to heavy file size it take lots of time to open the File when site is access through Internet.
(app. is used on intranet as well as on Internet)

To solve this i decided to have FTP server on Few selected Client Location where we dump the Files from the Main FTP Server .But the Problem is that is it possible for web application that it will Directly open the Requested File From the client's FTP w/o saving it to local Temp folder (using method like Response.Redirect().......?

any help or suggestion will be appreciated.

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