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Feb 21, 2005
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I need to have my application open the client's default mail client (it may not be Outlook), and launch "new mail". The "to address", "subject" and attachment(s) will need to be passed to the new mail automatically. The user can then enter in the email body and click on send email button. I've found on the internet how I can email to the default mail client behind the scenes. But, nothing on how to launch the mail client and open the "new email" interface (as well as pass information to it). Is this possible? If so, any information you can give me on this would be appreciated. Thanks!
From your post you have these requirements:
1. Get a new blank email from the user's default email program.
2. Populate the To address.
3. Populate the Subject.
4. Add any attachments.

You can do 1-3 easily without knowing what the default email program is. How you do it is this (air code, check for missing parameters):
system.diagnostics.process.start("mailto:" & toaddress & "?subject=" & subject)

I may have typed that wrong, since I do not have VB.Net on this computer. But do a google search for mailto.

The only way to add attachments is by figuring out what the user uses for their default email program (option dialog?) and using late-binding objects.
Similar problem

I'm having a similar situation. I have an Access form which contains a textbox control that stores an email address. I'm trying to code the double-click event of the textbox to launch the default email client and populate the To: field with the value of textbox.text. I have googled it and found only a couple of examples and neither of them worked.
Vardoj -- I was able to find something that helped me open the default mail app and auto-populate the To Address, Subject and Body --- and then allow the operator to change fonts, etc before pressing Send Email button.

Hope this helps you.

Now I just need to find out how to automatically attach documents to it.