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Jul 17, 2004
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Does anyone know how to navigate and edit Access DB using textboxes?

What do you mean navigate Access using textboxes? Do you want to enter a string and then query Access with it? There are several methods that are invloved with editing any type of database. What are you wanting to do? Delete records, edit records or add new records, or do a combination of all the above?

We need a little more information and what type of Access database is it? 97 or 2000 / 2002?

Hi dears
I m new to this site.I have a problem, I make a table in access that is member table which have(codeno (primary key),employeeid,memberid,address,phoneno,designation) coloumns.Now i made a form for this in and i wanted to insert value for it but i draw a combobox for employeeid and memberid.from which i choose only one.wat code i used for this.pls anyone have idea give me response as soon as possible.
Is your problem is loading data in the combobox? Or What?

i cant hardly understand your prob. mates"
I think He wants to have a combobox that has ID numbers for all employees, and when you click on it, some textboxes are filled with information on the employee id that was selected in the combobox
ah..ok thanks bryan if that so..
make a select statement..
in the selecteditem events of the combobox
  'cn is a connection
  dim cm as new sqlcommand("select * from sampletable where id =" & combobox1.selecteditem,cn)
  dim dr as Sqldatareader = cm.ExecuteReader
  textbox1.text = dr(1)<---it gets the 2nd column of the table
  'and so on and soforth..
  end while

hope it helps..if not sorry for my stupidity

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