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Jan 31, 2010
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Hello all, this is my first post, so please be gentle.

I am an Access/SQL programmer with extensive VBA knowledge. This is all I really have had to learn. One of my applications now is a Front End/Back End accdb and we use Terminal Services to access the Front End application. We have 7 separate branch locations over 3 states in the Southeast. Connections are slow and my application is such a success that they have spent the money to put SQL servers (2008) in each of the branch locations and we will use replication to sync all server db's. It is not a 'real time' replication. I have 2 transactions scheduled in the agent to run at 12pm and 7pm. I have this setup with a test database.

I have 2 issues:
1. All of our existing data in the accdb backend uses the Access Autonumber field, incrementing by 1. In order to use replication, I need to use the GUID uniquenumber datatype to generate user specific global identifiers. I have search the net and have seen many articles, but have not found out how I change the existing data already stored to unique identifiers.

2. We are in the process of hiring new IT dept. I am currently on my own for a month or so. What process would you reccomend to start this upgrade.

ex: create ADP and import all forms, queries, code, etc and link to the new SQL db ( I do not have time at present to create sprocs in SQL / will be upgrading to VB.NET once this is in place)

Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions.
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