A new cutting-edge GUI development product for .Net developers.

9Rays.Net Team

Jan 24, 2005
Programming Experience
9Rays.Net announces the Beta1 version of a new revolutionary product in the field of instrumentation and graphic components for .NET – Instrumentation Model Kit.http://www.9rays.net/cgi-bin/components.cgi?act=1&cid=106http://www.9rays.net/cgi-bin/components.cgi?act=1&cid=106 You have a great opportunity to obtain this cutting-edge product and save your money as 9Rays.Net offers 30% discount on the Beta1 version.

This product is specially developed to significantly simplify and optimize the process of User Interface development. The package allows you to use hundreds of visual components. This is much more than other similar products offer all together. You can be confident the choice of Instrumentation Model Kit will yield improved productivity and cost savings in all your products development efforts.