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  1. Marie-Andree

    merge two xml files with LINQ

    My name is Marie and I am trying to merge two xml document and have a combine result in a new xml document called output.xml. It seems when I am debugging, only the first xml document is combining to the output.xml. Here is my first xml called Nutrition.xml: <?xml version = "1.0"? <nutrition...
  2. S

    Question How to call web service using XML input?

    Hi All, I am new to VB .NET. I have a doubt regarding calling web service from VB .NET. Currently I am using SOAP UI which uses XML as input to pass on values to webservice. When i click run button on SOAP UI with correct XML i will get appropriate Response in output window (XML Response). My...
  3. C

    Question How to replace xml content in conditionally selected elements using linq

    I'm working on a .NET application (VB 2008) that gets all of its data from a web-based Django application. I'm using Linq-to-XML and Linq-to-objects in the app. One API call is giving me XML data in the following form that I am loading into an XDocument. <object pk="1"...