1. M

    Question win32_portconnector is used for ?

    what win32_portconnector is used for ? This question have 3 parts. What is the use case of win32_portconnector ? Can I get state of ports using it like Mouse cable, charger, HDMI cables etc ? Why VM have null results on this query :Get-WmiObject Win32_PortConnector ? On VM: PS...
  2. Grayda

    Battery serial numbers

    In my latest VB.NET app, I've written some code that grabs various laptop / UPS battery information from WMI. The idea is to let IT people see a battery's health and voltage and such. But in running this app on several of our Dell laptops, I've come across some interesting numbers. First off...
  3. P

    Question WMI queries for SMS (SCCM) information

    Hi All, I'm trying to get the assigned SMS site from a remote machine in VB.net I can do this in VBS, but i need it in VB.net* (using framework 4.0) the vbs looks like this: Set smsClient = GetObject("winmgmts://" & strComputer & "/root/ccm:SMS_Client") Set result =...
  4. U

    Question Network Discovery Utility

    Hi: I am developing a network discovery utility in ASP.NET (VB.NET). The utility would crawl the complete network and find out maximum details about all the devices that are connected to it. After some research i have found out that i can get the complete information about PCs and Servers...
  5. K

    Question How to create client process termination using WMI

    Hello, i'm new for VB.net but i have to make my final year degree project using it. I have to create client-server application where the server can monitor all the process on client using WIN32 library on WMI. Anyone have any idea how to make a command to kill the process on client as we request it?
  6. B

    WMI Win32_MappedLogicalDisk ProviderName

    Hello, I've created an application that retrieves system information via WMI. In the application I fill a combo box with a list of all the Mapped Network Drives on the PC thats running the application. On every PC I'm able to obtain the mapped drive letters (using the Name attribute), and in...
  7. rvercesi

    VB 2005 - How to get domain from hostname or IP Address. Not all servers are Windows

    Hi there I work at a company in a department that manages several domains across several networks. We have access to all and I have to create an app that lists all servers in those networks and gathers some basic info on then. I have two problems. 1st I have a list of IPs. I have to...
  8. E

    Question Change Workgroup Using WMI

    Hi, Is there any way i could change my current workgroup without rebooting my Machine........ Can this be done using WMI event......... Or is there any other way to prevent reboots after changing the Current Workgroup.........