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    Error printing of RDLC Report

    I'm using the RDLC report in VB.Net 2015. In report design -> Report properties, I set Paper size = A4, Width = 21cm, Height = 29.7cm, Top = Left = Right = Bottom = 2cm. In Body Properties, I set Width = 17cm (= 21 - 2 - 2) and place the controls in the design area. However, when the...
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    Question Word page Ranges

    Hi Folks, This is probably the most stupid question ever posted but I have run out of things to Google and still have no idea! I have a winforms app that will open a word document and work out which pages it needs to copy, lets say it's pages 4 - 6. I intend to copy everything from those...
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    Cannot save record using Entity Framework in winform

    I am an absolute beginner. But I searched the net. There are not many example shown in VB anywhere. I have created a test project which holds the win form. Then added another project which holds the Entity Model, after building the Model I added a reference of this to the Win form project...
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    Question winforms -- filter on detail view?

    I have been able to get filters working with datagridviews, comboboxes, and combobox filtered on the selection of a previous combobox selection. Now I have a winform detail view that I am trying to filter. The dataset.table.Defaultview.RowFilter = filterString works. the count on the dataset...
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    Question Display fluid standard output from console process in WinForm?

    Hi. I've been searching around the web and here for several days and haven't found a solution to my problem. I'm a veteran ASP.NET developer but I'm new to WinForms and multithreading. I'm using VS 2010 and VB.NET 4.0. I have a console application that takes minutes to hours to run. It...
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    Question How to screen detection?

    Hello! I am making a program and I need to know how to detect if certain image on screen. I have saved some picture and if it see's it on screen i want to do something like make msgbox.
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    How can I benefit from a listbox in a detailsview with a many-to-many relationship

    Hi, I'm trying to design a detailsView form which contains [classes] --< [studentClasses] >-- [students] tables. There is a many to many relationship between [classes] and [students] through the third table [studentClasses]. I want to design the detailsView of [classes] such as that all...
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    MDI Example?

    Hi all, I am just doing some research on a VB.NET / WinForm project and just wondering whether someone can point me to the right place for some examples on MDI forms? I have not previously done much with MDI Forms but the application I am developing is an inventory system and I think it...