windows 10

  1. A

    Windows 10 tablet Camera APP

    I'm trying to create a app that will run on a tablet and allow it to use the camera, capture an image and display it in a picture box? Has anyone done anything similar
  2. J Trahair

    How to stop Windows 10 from enlarging pre-sized forms

    Hi. I usually set my form size to slightly smaller than the customer's screen size, and often I have hidden non-visible groupboxes just below the bottom of the form. The customer slides the form up to the top of their screen and, if their physical screen size is bigger, Windows 10 will show the...
  3. shawne

    Question SMO & System.Data.Sql.SqlDataSourceEnumerator broken in Windows 10?

    I have a dialog I wrote which is nothing more than a SQL server / database selector. It provides a graphical interface for a user to select their SQL server, database and authentication methods. Anyway, this worked fine prior to moving to Windows 10. Since moving to Windows 10 I'm unable to...
  4. J Trahair

    Visual Studio 2010 and Windows 10

    Hi everyone. I am developing in Visual Studio 2010 (v.10). Does it have any issues with Windows 10 that you know of? If I upgrade to VS14, what differences will I notice (regardless of any Windows 10 improvements if any)? Thank you.