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  1. F

    Issue with error handling in callback

    New to asynchronous calls, in this case using a call back. The code below works. The code is calling a rather rudimentary web service which returns xml. If the service returns xml the code works fine and msresponse is filled with the xml and the funcion "GetWebserviceData" is able to return, to...
  2. S

    Problem calling Axis Web Service

    Hi everibody. Iìm triyng to call a web service written with Axis (a java tool). I've cheked soap messages between my client and the WS and everything seems good, but calling the method i receive a null(nothing) response. Here is my soap request: <?xml version="1.0"...
  3. S

    Question How to call web service using XML input?

    Hi All, I am new to VB .NET. I have a doubt regarding calling web service from VB .NET. Currently I am using SOAP UI which uses XML as input to pass on values to webservice. When i click run button on SOAP UI with correct XML i will get appropriate Response in output window (XML Response). My...
  4. F

    Question Coldfusion Web Services

    Hi to all, I am pretty desperate: I have a simple Adobe Coldfusion 8.0 WEB SERVICE, which simply returns a string "helloworld!" to my client. Invoking it from PHP, Java, etc. is success! :) But when I try to add it as a web service reference to my Vb.NET2010 project... The proxy classes created...
  5. H

    LiveDocx - a web service to create professional documents

    Hi all, I found a great free web service to create professional documents without installing or configuring any software on your server. LiveDocx can be easily integrated into any web application. You can merge existing MS Word templates to generate for example invoices or mail merge...
  6. vagueante

    Windows application: Send information to WS with only wsdl and xsd as start point

    In a windows application I'm trying to connect to a webservice, and all i have is a wsdl file (i used service reference, and after import the namespace i can instantiate it), a XML file ( i suposed is in soap format, the first line starts with <soapenv:Envelope ), and an xsd file that validates...
  7. K

    Having problem invoking WS operation from consumed WSDL

    Hello, I am a Java programmer, but new to vb.net. I have created a new Web Reference for the WSDL that I am trying to consume. Below is from the Reference.vb file: <System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapDocumentMethodA ttribute("", Use:=System.Web.Services.Description.SoapBindingUs e.Literal...
  8. R

    web service xml (array hierarchy is too deep)

    vb.net 2005 web service asp.net The hierarchy of the generated wsdl (xml) has too many elements. Here is the code I started with... Public Class SalesID_Role Public SALESID As String Public VALID_ROLES() As String End Class which generates xml like... <SALESID>123456</SALESID>...