1. E

    Question Run-time video editing

    Hello! First, thank you for reading my question. I am facing a problem and i need your help. I need to figure out how to do the next: 1- take the image coming from the webcam (input). 2- Split it to 2 partes (equally). 3- take a copy of one parte (it doesn't matter wiche parte). 4-...
  2. R

    Question Video displaying and overlays with IP cameras

    Hello, I'm new to the forums, so I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong place or for anything else that may be wrong. It is kind of a broad question, so this seemed like the right place to put it. I am having a problem with working with video. I have a relatively simple concept; basically, I...
  3. stoopkid

    File video with windows thumbnails

    I want to display files pretty much as similarly to windows explorer when set to thumbnails as I can. Most importantly I need to be able to show thumbnails of videos and images that windows can(im aware that not all videos are supported). I'm fairly new at this. I havn't done any programming in...
  4. efadrian

    Question play a video stream

    Hi, I use visual studio 2008; 1. I like to play in stream in the format: rtmp:// What component can I use? Is there a way to play it in the windows media player? 2. I have added the AxTVOnline.Axlmntopen component witch is a Soap Client player... how...
  5. A

    Video Editing

    Hola everyone! New to the forums here. I have a question regarding a job I recently was given lead on... Long story short, its a fairly large job at a very big scientific/medical company... involving quite a few different technologies... but the part I'm hung up on is creating a dynamically...
  6. U

    Question Videos in forms

    Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to add videos to VB.NET forms? If so how can this be done? Can you add links to your own videos on your machine or can you add links to youtube videos that will then appear in your form? Can this be achieved through using controls from the tool box or is...
  7. cjard

    cjard movies

    cjard_does_datagridrownumber cddgrn cjard_does_datagridviewcombobox cddgvcb cjard_does_scalarquery cdsq I'm posting these here because I occasionally refer people to them and people cannot find them