vb.net framework

  1. zZukerkucolor

    A label property new rectangle, how do i change new rectangle to a list of, through databindings?

    Dim StringTheorie() As String = File.ReadAllLines("C:\GripInseln.txt") While solutions with controls are posible preparing controls for a use with file content is for me not a default issue. Reading the documentations online and offline i chose to make my own, for example colornames. My...
  2. Vardan

    Converted WinForms .NET core to .NET Framework project...Facing errors

    I was trying to convert a existing Windows Form Application (VB.NET) to Windows Form Application (VB.NET Framework) as I wanted to use Data Sources. After copying all the sources files and form design files and making necessary changes in the code, the application is running but with some kind...