vb.net 2005

  1. rsalumpit

    Question connect using dial up connection

    I want to connect to a remote MySQL database but the only connection available is a telephone line, a dial-up connection. Can you guide me on how to start on this issue? Any links or comment will be much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. ashahmy

    Question create a setup file (with sql server express 2005)

    Hi to all, I was created one of project using vb.net with sql server 2005. I want to create a setup file for that project. In my client pc contain sql server express 2005. how can I restore my database file to that sql server express 2005. it want to restore when the setup file was run. If any...
  3. D

    Question Installation Problem with ICON on vista

    Hi all, I have a problem with installation in Vista. I have complied my vb.net 2.0 application using innosetup last month and installed it successful but after that i changed icon in my application and complied again. On windows vista machine i tried uninstall old version and installed new...
  4. U

    get the hyperlink of a cell in excel using aotumation

    Hi all I made a project of autmation of Excel by adding reference type liberary of MS Excel and I cauld read and write to the cells but I can't get or set the hyperlink of the cells How can I access the hyperlinks either to a website or to a file on local machine? also if possible, can any...
  5. A

    Question Web site Pubishing

    Hi All, I was using C# before I moved to my new job. Now I am using vb.net. I face a problem whenever I publish my asp.net website. I have many pages that consumed an assembly(business object). And I add a new optional parameter to the method in this assembly class. When I publish the website...