1. M

    Question How do I set label to be exactly 4 inches in length? + Need help with project.

    Hi everyone, I'm new the forums and new to visual studios. :welcoming: The question I posed in the title is actually one small part to a bigger specifications list I need to do for a project. So here is the project. I just need a push in the right direction. Okay so here is what I need to do...
  2. J

    Can't get charts in my program

    Hello, I'm new here. But I've encountered a problem and thought y'all could help out. I've searched the internet for what feels like hours and I just can't work it out, I can't even find anything related to the matter, maybe I'm just searching for the wrong thing, I'm not exactly an expert on...
  3. G

    Question NoSecurityChanges flag error when adding items in ToolBox

    Hi, I try to add .NET items in my ToolBox (choose items...) by browsing. When I click Open, I get this message: "The security state of an AppDomain was modified by an AppDomainManager configured with the NoSecurityChanges flag." I work with VB 2010 and Windows 7 - 64 bits Thanks for help
  4. ChristinaSeay

    Question Creating a custom button and adding it to the toolbox...

    Hey guys, I've been at this one for days and I just can't seem to get it right. Basically, I designed the button control the way I want it to be... background image, font style, size, etc... and I want to add that button to my toolbox so I can reuse it. I'm not changing anything about how it...
  5. R

    Toolbox missing ASP.NET controls

    I recently installed Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition on my Vista. However, for web sites and applications, the ASP.NET controls do not appear in the toolbox. While setting the toolbox to “show all” displays the Standard tab, it’s empty. I can manually type in the tag of an ASP control (e.g...
  6. P

    Question form skins in toolbox?

    Does anyone know of a tutorial or a free dll that will show me how to create a new form skin with my choice of colors, styles, button shapes, etc, that I can put in the IDE VB toolbox so I can select it when I want a new form skin?:confused: I am using VB 2005.
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