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    Routing table

    Hello everyone, I would like to know how to get the IP routing table of a client that is accessing an aspx file via internet (written in to be used later on. Actually when a client calls my aspx file, I want to register his IP (it should be an IP table, as I know), in order to be able...
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    scrape html table - question...

    Say I have a table that will always contain RANDOM DATA (various product titles, prices, & ratings in no particular order). I noticed that sometimes either the "Price:" column or "Rating" column won't always have a value. So when I'm scraping multiple items into an array & sending each column...
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    Question Multi-completion of SQL table with form

    Hi everyone!, I'm trying to create a project, so that I will have the opportunity to refill the table on SQL server. The table is created and it has several columns. I searched the internet, but did not come across to the the solution I'm looking for. Maybe, I will explain first what would my...
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    Table modification causing problems

    I'm running a website developed in which uses SQL server2005.A table in the database is modified(a column is added).But since then some further queries are not being executed correctly.No results are returned. What could be the reason?Even I deleted all rows in the table and tried to run...
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    Question Create A datatable in Visual Studio 2010

    Hi, im newbies in i would like to know how do i create a simple data table in VS 2010. The data would be from SQL database. thank you...
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    Question Top border missing from table when collapsing a row

    I have been told that for tables with the table-layout:fixed; property you should set the widths in the first row and the hide that row, as follows: <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="border-collapse:collapse;table-layout:fixed;"> <tr style="visibility:collapse;"><td...
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    Question Connecting DataGridView to a site table

    Good evening, Im having a little project, and it consist in taking the table in this website:BPI Investimentos - Cotações Indexantes to a DataGrid in Can someone help me please?
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    Question Table based "forms"

    Hello guys, I am more familiar with oracle developer and recently started with (VS 2008). Would appreciate if somebody could provide me some information regarding the following: I have an Oracle table consist of around 39 columns and want to create a data entry form against it using...