1. D

    datagridview in tab control

    Hi, I have a vb form with 4 datagridviews within a tab control with 4 tabs, my questions is when should I populate the dgv's ? Should I place the code in the main form load event or when the user clicks on the specific tab? I am using 2010 and sql server 2008 Regards
  2. R

    Question Problem binding textbox on tabcontrol

    Hi, I have a tabcontrol with 3 tabs. Every tab has a great deal of textboxes which I use to refresh the properties of an object. To save my time, I bind the textboxes.Text to the properties of my object. The main problem happens 'cause I can make the binding just when the properly tab is...
  3. C

    Tabpage Class Exampl

    Hi i want to make a custom tabcontrol for my application can someone please show me an example of class programming this is what i have so far: Imports System.Drawing.Drawing2D Class MyTabControl Inherits TabControl please help me ASAP i havent done this before.
  4. B

    New tabs for a web browser

    I am making a web browser, and I am trying to add a new tab by clicking a menu strip item;However, I am having trouble with the tabs themselves. The first tab works normally, but when I add a new tab, it adds the tab but it also gets rid of the web browser in the previous tab.I do not plan to...
  5. oriax123

    TabControl help :/

    First off i want to say sorry if this is the wrong section. Ive been trying to get any tabcontrol to work with the browser im making, (ive searched for several days and tried alternate methods with no dice) Where im trying to open a form into a tab (Ive tried QTabControl, MdiTabControl...
  6. U

    Question Issue with multiple tab pages with databound cotrols

    I have a tabcontrol and two tab pages on the tab control. There are some fields on the tab pages which are databound to access database table which are populated using dataadapter. There is functionality to calculate total of the fields on both the tab pages when I click a button. When I load...
  7. stianxxs

    Question HELP! I don't know to make a download dialog for web browser in tabcontrol

    Hi, I was woundring how to make a custom 'download' dialog for my web browser in vb 2010. Because when i click 'download file' in my tabcontrol it's always loads up the IE download file dialog. I have seen the IE Clone can do it, but i didn't uderstad how to do it. Thanks Sorry for my bad...
  8. JuggaloBrotha

    Question Verticle Tab control

    Has anyone seen a control or know how to make a control/modify the existing tab control to display tabs vertically on the left edge of the control? By vertically I mean the tab text still reads horizontally but are vertically stacked. Something similar to this (you all should recognize it):
  9. G

    Question Bind tab pages to a binding source?

    Hi guys, I need some help (Im quite flexible as to how to do it). I have a main binding source (A support line call logged) and then multiple child entries (each being an email/call etc to or from the client). I need a clever way to show these, and a simple datagrid for each communication...
  10. K

    event for tab or radio button change

    Hi All, I'm a relative noob when it comes to VB.NET and need some help. I've gone through all the list of events and tried the ones that looked like they make sense, but I can't figure this out. I've got a windows form with multiple tabs using TabControl. If a particular tab is clicked I'd...
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