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    Question Focus on textfield upon tab change

    Hello I`m fairly new to VB but I`m trying to do my best. However, sometimes stupid problems like this make me unhappy :( I have one tabcontrol and two tabs: tab1 (default), tab2 so, I`m trying to set a focus to a text field within the tab2 after I click on tab2, so I use: Private Sub...
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    Ajax TabContainers and TabPanels

    This is my third post and found this forum very useful and helpful. I would like to explore Ajax TabContainers using VS2010. I have managed to create a tab container with 3 panels with contents in each but would like to go for more advance and more dynamic. For example when user selected a...
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    crazy design time control behaviour on tab control

    this is just wierd.... i have a splitter control on tab 2, a grid and a scheduler control on tab 3..... looks fine...i save it....close the form...reopen the form, and the controls are all resized and moved around on me....and not for the better. wierd thing is that when i run the app, the...