1. J

    Question Axis not updated when i add a new point

    Hello, I would like to draw a graph of multiple serie with y and y2. This I can do it. Now my problem is that I want to display data in real time but in a chart in which the size of axis doesnt change. a small drawing worths better than long explanation. so the graph should start like this...
  2. froodley

    Controls changing size for no reason

    Hey, all, Having another issue I'm hoping you can help with. My program has two lists, one a listbox and the other a listview viewed in details mode. Both of them change heights (get taller) for no obvious reason. I am having to add a call to a method that resizes them to the end of every...
  3. G

    Question Directory/Folder/File Searching recursive?

    I am extremely new to programming and need some serious help. I took some VB classes in high school, some Java in college and have messed around with macros, that is my extent of previous knowledge. Long story short, I have an internship where the learning involved is mostly self taught. I've...