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    Question Make a Form TopMost but only when an other Form is opened

    Hi! I'm new on the forum here so don't be to hard on me :) Im busy with a schoolproject. Im making a Visual OS in VB.Net. My problem is that i want to make a Form TopMost but only when a specific othe Form is opened. Screen 1,2,3 are Form1,2,3 I've made an app: Form 4 When I open the app on...
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    Question Two Forms application is closing

    I have two forms and a button on the first form. What i want is when i click the button the second form to show and the first one to close. But this isn't working with: Me.close All the application is closing with the code above.
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    Question Modal / Modeless Forms...

    Hi, This is my first post - I'll keep it nice and easy... :cool: Basically... I've got the following forms: SearchItemForm and ViewItemForm. SearchItemForm allows users to search for items within the system and displays the results in a list. Item information is shown via ViewItemForm, which...
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    Question Want to show form during windows xp screen lock

    I am developing an application that needs to be shown no matter what-even windows screen lock. What do I do? Already set TopMost=True
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    Show and close forms

    well i encountered another problem regarding the use of 2 forms, this was the problem...i had 2 forms one the main menu and the other a second form with details, so when i clicked on the main menu form to show the other form, the other form does show up but the main menu is still there.And in...