1. M

    Help with PictureBoxes

    Hi I'm pretty new to using VB and needed some help with a project I'm working on. I'm trying to create a virtual piano using pictureboxes to represent keys that play .wav file versions of notes. I've gotten this to work fine; however, I'm having trouble with two features I want to implement...
  2. V

    Question Forms to be loaded on random

    I am trying to create a simple game for children for my final year project, I have a number of form that will display a different type of question for each form. I am aware of the form1.Show() and form1.Hide(), is there anyway that I can load a form on random. for e.g, lets say I have form1...
  3. krechlich

    Question Problems with random functions

    Okay, so I'm doing a card game and I'm trying to set that when picturebox (PictureBox1) is clicked, a random card from 13 cards will come visible. Problem is, that when i start the program and click the picturebox, the same card will always come visible. As you can see i've put a button...
  4. A

    Question read lines from a text file randomly

    i wanna read lines from a text file randomly until all the lines are read & wanna set a time interval in each two words apart. can anyone please think a piece of code to do that in vb.net?? thanks...!
  5. brekke

    Question Random file starter

    Hi guys and ladies! I have searched up and down for someone who can help me with this little problem! I need to get a button to enter the applications subfolder and randomly select 1 file to be played in the windows media player COM which i have put in the form. I have tried creating a...
  6. D

    Question pick a random?

    Hey Guys, Im not so good at VB.NET , and ive been learning for about 3 months. I would really appreciate it if you guys would help me tackle this problem down. Well , im helping a school run a Spelling Bee aimed at children in year 7. And to make it fair and unbiased i need an application...
  7. J. Scott Elblein

    Question Having some random number problems

    I'm working on a random email generator for a client, and for some unknown reason, it's not very random at all. It very very frequently returns the same item. Can anyone point out the issue? I'll paste the entire module. All that is needed once the module is created is to call the...
  8. P

    Application Memory Use

    I am trying to ensure that the footprint of my application is as small as it can possibly be. Is there a way to assess my application to see if there is more efficiency that can be built in? I have noticed that my app memory use seems to flucturate a lot. Sometimes at start up it can be as...
  9. W

    Question Random Numbers for Bingo Card

    please, I need a help here... ;):D;)
  10. T

    Random Number Generate (within range)

    Good Afternoon. First time poster on this forum and i am quite new to VB.Net I have the following scenario. The object of this project is to write a computer program that will allow the computer to guess a number that you have selected. The computer will make a guess and you, the player, will...
  11. H

    Question Open Link Automaticaly and Grab Text

    My friend challanged me to make a quick app that will create 3 random letters, and search google with it which i can do. It is then ment to open the first link, and grab a sentance, or a group of words randomly. Is it possible to do this, and if so, how? Thanks SO much!
  12. SuperRoach

    Question Sound playback with variables instead of a string errors out

    Hello there, I am writing a very simple app that grabs a folder and makes a button for each one of them. The user can then click on the button, and have it play a random sound file located inside that one. Very rudimentary, but fun to try out. Public Sub PlayFolderSound(ByVal sender As...