1. K

    Question #ExternalSource Directive

    Do anyone have idea about #ExternalSource directive in If yes, please tell how it is used in a programme? and why it should be used? Thanks.
  2. A

    Question I have an error when i run the program

    Hi, I have this application which gives me this error when i try to build and run the application. A little understanding on this error will help me find the direction of looking an error. "2012-02-21 16:32:45 , frmShipping:CheckCoverBarcode, 438, Public member 'CoverBarcodeIsValid' on type...
  3. X

    Question Retrieving the value from database and selecting the combobox

    Hi, I am working on a small concept but since i am a novice in .net i am not getting the concept. I have 2 controls on the page. 1st is Text Box: User enters the int value and that value is checked from database. In database there are 3 fields. One for ID, second for int value and 3rd for...

    Web Gallery Creator

    Hi this is a basic but good looking web gallery creator and contains codes relating to embedding resources like images and other files. Give it a try!! hope u like it technical specs : vs2010 and .net 4.0(client)

    Wallpaper Changer

    Hi, i've created a desktop wallpaper changer and added some animation part to it. As this is my first post any help whatsoever is appreciated.
  6. borris83

    Available SQL and ASP.NET developers needed in various parts of US

    Architect-.Net Developer/Consultant (IL) The selected candidate will perform the following duties: - Create and maintain web applications using DotNetNuke, ASP, ASP.NET, VB, VB.NET, Java, Ajax, and HTML - Create web applications, posting data and reports from a source of SQL Server Databases -...
  7. P

    Question How to make a simple IRC program?

    Hey, I want to make a simple IRC-client. I find a lot of programs written ic C#, but I want to fuse that IRC-program with a program that I already have. Does anyone want to teach me how to make an IRC-client? ________ PidgeyL
  8. S

    Question Charging for software maintenance agreements

    I have a friend who has written a custom program for a client in the medical industry. The client paid him an hourly rate to develop the software. Now that the program is done, they plan to use his software in the course of their medical services as well as sell licenses to the software to...
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