1. B

    .NET opportunities in Michigan

    Hi there! There are several opportunities in Southeastern Michigan for .NET Developers in both C# and VB. The salaries range from $55k - $100K+. Job #1 Troy, MI C# .NET framework 2.0, 3.5, 4.0 SQL Server 2005 or higher Developing web applications Experience with SVN, SharePoint, WordPress, and...
  2. tim.baker

    Is it possible to work out what program is in use

    Hi, I am trying to build a program that monitors how other programs are being used and as part of it I need to figure out if it is possible to work out using VB code what window, program or process the user is currently using or Focused on. If anyone has any way of doing this please point me in...
  3. J

    Question Get user input into array

    In my program, I need to have the user input a list of numbers separated by commas. How would I go about storing those numbers? Would I put them into an array? If so, how? I'm REALLY new at this and I have been all over Google but I can't seem to get it. Please Help!
  4. duckhouse

    Question Program Crashes Yet No Error Message

    Hey Forum I am using VB.NET Framework 3.5 . I have a very complicated program with over 40 forms and 100s of lines of coding. Earlier today, this program worked perfectly. I decided to change the Assembly Name from APA to Salamander. I do not get any errors and things seem to be going fine...
  5. S

    Question Please can someone help me build a pretty simple program

    Hi there, just annother newb asking for help. I have created a system for my college workshop. the idea is to borrow the tools durin the lesson you need to sign them out. Obv to prevent people pocketing expensive equipment and tools. I have built a webpage version at...
  6. A

    Having problems executing another executable from Visual Basic... Help!

    So, I'm trying to make a program that has command buttons, each running a different file. I have added some files so far, but I encountered a problem with a couple of them. For example, I want to run Zuma's Revenge! right from the program, but it is not working. If I run the game from outside...
  7. A

    Question How to run a file from a CD if you don't know what the CD drive letter is?

    I'm creating a small program using Visual Basic 2010 Express. I'm planning to place the program on a CD, along with the files I want to run. The program will have command buttons, and each button will open a different file. For example, if there is a file on the CD named ReadMe.txt, the user...
  8. I

    GuessNumber.vb loop URGENT help!

    I need help with this simple guessnumber visual basic program. the book says to write the loops under the comments "Validate Input", but im not sure what to write, for I'm horrible at programming. This is the last program of the chapter and it's due today! Please help! ' GuessNumber.vb - This...
  9. H

    Question Check if my program has been opened before

    I have my program (Student Pad - The Project - Haxaro Freeware) and it has gone fairly large. In my next release, i would like to know how many user approximatly are using it, so when ever a user opens my program for the first time on that computer, it sends me, or my website a report telling me...
  10. H

    My Program... Test it?

    Hey All, i have written my program, and i am wondering if it is any good. I have made a website: HERE but have you got any ideas or extra little things i can add to it? (I dont want to add the source code to this, because i want to keep it to myself. it is NOT a virus. - It has been checked...
  11. S

    Setup Problem

    I made a program and i need to make a setup for it.I have forgotten how to make one, so can some1 help me?And pls be fast i need to do this until the 5 of may so pls help:confused::(