1. martinandrovich

    Question Add new page as image (?)

    Hello dear forum, My question is a bit hard to explain, but I will try my best: Imagine a have a painting program with a PictureBox, which I can paint on. I would like to have the ability to press "Next Page", and the program shall store my current image/page as "Page#" (where # is the...
  2. W

    what TabPage has been selected?

    I have 2 TabPages (tp1, tp2) in a TabControl. I have a button outside the TabControl. When I click the button there should be a message box that identifies what TapPage is currently selected. I want to know how to check what TabPage has been selected when I click the button.:confused: Pls...
  3. G

    Question [Answered] Execute Master Page before

    Hi, I've a master page (MainPage.master) and some content pages. In my MainPage.master.vb, I've some security verfications like access, connection, rights management, etc. And some others verifications in the contentPage.aspx.vb But I realized that the master page code-behind is executed after...
  4. S

    Question Windows Application on web

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post here! And I am not very much sure whether I have chosen the correct Sub-Group. I have a problem for which I am seeking a solution. I have a Windows Application which is collecting large chunks of live data for a few seconds and then continuously purging old...
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