1. B

    right-click file context menu

    I need to be able to right-click on a file then with my vb code - Copy that file to another folder Catch the filename & put it's details in a database. The problems I have are - If I create a Task bar context menu, the file loses it's focus when I right-click the context menu... If I create...
  2. eagle00789

    Question not able to read registry

    I have the following 2 lines of code to read some value from the registry upon opening my about-form, but the registry isn't being read and the default value isn't used. Dim LicenseTo = My.Computer.Registry.GetValue("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\sample\app\License", "LicenseTo", "DEMO")...
  3. P

    Outlook VBA with Communicator API Messenger

    I have a VBA (I know this .NET but I'm desperate) application that synchronizes the Calendar with SQL server. One of the columns in my DB table needs to show the current IM presence status image the same way you'll see it in Outlook or in the Messenger client. I have managed to connect and get...
  4. A

    Question Getting all new emails (ItemAdd)

    Hello, i'd like to monitor a public OL2010 folder and put the incoming item into a dictionary. Everything ist fine with the following code, as far as only one email arrives at a time: *************SNIP************* Public Sub olInboxItems_ItemAdd(ByVal Item As Object) Handles...
  5. A

    Question Recognize OL-Attachments as inbound rsp. attached

    Hello, I'm trying to identify an email's attachment as "inbound" in the mail body, e.g. as logo or the like, or as "not inbound" attached to the email. The inbound attachments are not shown in the OL-attachment listing but are part of "mailitem.attachments". The not inbound attachments are the...
  6. D

    Creating an Outlook Appointment on a shared calender

    I am trying to create an appointment on a shared calender in public folders. I need to create the appointment and then send to the required and optional people. I am getting it to create the appointment, but it isnt sending the invite. Here is my code. I have been searching all day for a...
  7. R

    Outlook - Setting Contact attributes using CallByName - Value not fall within range

    LS. I'm trying to update Outlook Contact attributes using CallByName, this because I do not know which attribute I will be setting at runtime. The attribute name (e.g. LastName) is passed to the function as a string as is the value it will be getting. for all combinations of attributes and...
  8. S

    Problems with Outlook when application which accesses it is running

    We have recently migrated application from VB6.0 to VB.Net. Application accesses the mails from Outlook and displays in the application for reading the attachments or body text. But after migration we are facing problems with the Outlook shared email account (while the application is running)...
  9. D

    Question Creating add in buttons in Outlook 2007 using VSTO

    I have 2 VBA macro codes that runs well in Outlook 2007. 1.Search and replace text by clicking a button in Compose Mail Window 2.Search and replace text by clicking a button in Inbox Message Window As of now I have the macros working and I need to create an application file to...
  10. hmartins

    Question Developing a solution to get data from Outlook 2010

    I would like to develop a solution that can get the data from Outlook (from 2003 and specially 2010): Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, etc. I would then post this data to a DB. My problem is I don't know where to start looking on how to access the data from Outlook. Any recommendations?
  11. T

    Question how do i put a link when creating an outlook task?

    hi... i'm relatively new to outlook task creation from visual basic. hope someone can help me... when i create an outlook task, i want to insert a link with a custom string... e.g. please see screenshot: instead of the left screen, i would like to come up with the right screen. any help...
  12. Adagio

    Question Get running instance of Outlook

    I currently have an application where you can drag drop a mail item from outlook into my application. Now for various reasons I need the same instance of Outlook that is running I have tried looking into what proccesses are open, and find the Outlook application that way, but it doesn't seem to...
  13. Adagio

    Outlook security... register com object... clickonce

    I have now spent a long time trying to figure out how to fix this problem, hoping someone here could give me some hints What I'm trying to do: I need a way to save mail items to a folder on the computer What I have done so far: I created a component, where you could drag a mail item from...
  14. A

    Convert PDF to Word document formats with Aspose.Recognition

    What’s new in this release? Aspose.Recognition for .NET has come out of Beta and its first commercial release has been announced supporting many new features. You can download Aspose.Recognition to evaluate improved performance of converting PDF files to Word document formats. More about...