1. W

    Question DataGridView Matrix

    Hi, I have a .csv file which automatically updates with sales data. This data is loaded into a datagridview, but is there a way to display this into a datagridview matrix ? Data is as follows; Header as: Person, Sales, Area Data as: Person 1, £200, North Person 2, £100, South Person 3, £95...
  2. N

    Question Binding a data table made using a query to a report (RDLC)

    Hey guys I am new to RDLC, so I need some help. I have made a form, embedded the reporting viewer in it, and made an rdlc report with the data source as an access database on the network. I have added all the tables, so I can access all of them in the dataset that was created with this...
  3. Neodynamic

    Neodynamic WebClientPrint 1.0 for ASP.NET released!

    Neodynamic is proud to announce the availability of WebClientPrint for ASP.NET! WebClientPrint for ASP.NET is a lightweight and plugin-free solution for Client-side Raw Printing scenarios for Windows clients, exclusively designed for ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC website projects. With our...
  4. C

    Sort a multidimensional array

    Hi! I was looking for a function I need in internet but I didn't find it... I need to sort a multidimensional array(matrix).. for example Original matrix 1,b,3 2,c,5 3,a,1 I need a function, lets call it magic() xD with 2 arguments, the matrix and which col to sort first... so.. the result of...