1. M

    Question Mute and unmute master volume?

    How can I unmute master volume in I know how to increase and decrease but if it is turned off it wont start any sounds. Hope someone can help me // Sorry for bad english, if you dont understand just ask
  2. PatelNehal4u

    Master - Transaction Form Problem.

    I am creating a master form of CITY and another form is AREA, now when i add any record in AREA form i select the CITY from the listview, which are entered in CITY master form, but if the city is not available the user click a small button for CITY form which bring the CITY form, now both forms...
  3. G

    Question [Answered] Execute Master Page before

    Hi, I've a master page (MainPage.master) and some content pages. In my MainPage.master.vb, I've some security verfications like access, connection, rights management, etc. And some others verifications in the contentPage.aspx.vb But I realized that the master page code-behind is executed after...
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