1. T

    Question call a function?

    How can I call a function in the Private Sub Form1_Load. I want to be able to call items like item1.Enabled = False item2.Enabled = False Thanks
  2. R

    Question Save and load button help for a simple database

    Hi im working on a simple database program for school in visual basic, i need a load and save button for the program. The program loads up the data into a list box, there are 6 text boxes that are used to bring the data to the list box. I just need the save button to save all the data to a .txt...
  3. Grayda

    Loading listbox selected items from a database

    Hi, I was originally going to ask this question, but I did a little poking around and came across the answer myself. Because I couldn't find the answer anywhere else, I thought I'd post it here for others to use. I was writing a program that would save the contents of a listbox to a database...
  4. C

    Question Creating schema for bulk load of XML files. Please help.

    Hi guys, I have a project which needs to be completed by Tuesday but I have hit a brick wall with the XML schema side. I am very new to XML and Schemas so this will seem very simple to a lot of you experts but I have been trying to get it going for two days and am running out of time. I have...
  5. H

    Question Check if my program has been opened before

    I have my program (Student Pad - The Project - Haxaro Freeware) and it has gone fairly large. In my next release, i would like to know how many user approximatly are using it, so when ever a user opens my program for the first time on that computer, it sends me, or my website a report telling me...
  6. E

    Package Load Failure

    I get a package load failure when I debug any program at it finds and exception. Package 'Visual Studio Explorers and Designers' has failed to load properly 9 GUID = {8D8529D3-625D-4496-8354-3DAD630ECC1B} ). etc etc. Any ideas why this would suddenly start happening and how to fix it?
  7. J

    Form Controls Visible Property Test not working

    Testing the visible property of a windows form control (textbox) does not seem to work until after the form has fully loaded. I've tried in the Load, Activated, and Focus events. It only works after the form has completely loaded and some action (keypress) is performed. I want to focus to the...
  8. M

    Save Game / Load Game Help

    I am writing a Pokemon style RPG game in Visual Basic. There are hundreds of variables, that represent the character's stats, and as well, things that have been "unlocked" during game play, world events, etc. Does anyone know a really simple way of "freezing" all the variables in place so that...