1. M

    Question Performance Issue in ASP.NET

    Hello, I am facing speed issue and it take much time to load in performance. Please help me to resolve this with your effective solution. Looking forward to your answer. Thank you in advance
  2. jlcruzAME

    Populating Span Tag Works For One Piece, Doesn't For Another

    link.InnerHtml = "<a href = '" + picAddress + "' target = '_blank' onclick = 'hidespan'> Click here to submit pictures and forms for WO " + woNumber + "</a>" Above is a piece of code that populates a span tag when a user clicks on a button called submit files. It will work on my system when...
  3. B

    Question combobox issue

    hi guys, im trying to use the combobox to update/edit/view the saved data (in contact form) from sql server. my Load_Combobox (in contact form): My Public Sub New (in contact form): My Load_Contact (in Contact form): In clsDBConnect.vb: the problem now is when i saved a record into sql...
  4. H

    Question Whats Wrong with this Fibonacci Application?

    For my application, i need the user to input a number, and the application will work out the highest possible Fibonacci number below the user inputed number. At the moment, my application is providing non-Fibonacci numbers, which is a problem. Here is the code: Public Class Form1 Dim...