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    Convert Excel XLS to HTML and Read or Write XLTM and XLMX files

    What’s new in this release? The previous version of Aspose.Cells allowed you to convert Excel XLS to HTML file and converting worksheet to image. However the latest version supports to read and write XLTM and XLMX files. Many new features like: Exporting Pivot Table to Excel 2007 file and...
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    Question web browser control: How to programatically access html code

    I'm using and the web browser control on a win form application where I have a dynamically created 'parent' html page that contains an 'iframe' that points to another dynamically created html page. Get it? Now, the exact reason why I'm doing this isn't the issue, but I'm trying to...
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    Question converting HTML to a .png file

    Hi, I have a task thrown my way to use to convert a HTML document to a .png (image format) programatically. I have sniffed about the net and found there are several 3rd party products that can do that sort of thing, so I see it can be done. Does anyone out there know of fairly simple way...
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    mine data from HTML page

    I am trying to read data from an html page. The section that has data is as you can see there are a number of div tags and in particular text that reads <!-- begin content --> and <!-- end content --> I want the hrefs and the the href text. I have thought that maybe some straight string...
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    Open or save documents in DOCX and DOCM formats with Aspose.Editor

    What’s new in this release? Aspose.Editor v3.0 now supports importing or exporting documents in DOCX and DOCM formats. This new release combines other advanced features also like: Inserting tables, render shading and borders and customizing client editor control by plug-in modules. More about...
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