help in visual basic

  1. SmokyRick

    Answered How to access the "help" from a button in code

    Hello - I have a button on my form which says "Help", and I would like it to access the same thing as when the user hits F1. I have a "Help Provider" which I am using for that purpose. I am programming with Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2017. How can I do this? Any help would be appreciated. I...
  2. J

    help with Guess Word Program

    Option Strict On Option Explicit On Module Guesswork Const charLimit As Integer = 12 Dim sWord(charLimit) As Char Dim uGuess(charLimit) As Char Dim wordInput As String Const _space As String = " " Const blank As String = "__" Dim letrInput As String Dim...
  3. Kevax

    Question Backward button to go back to form from opened .exe program.

    Hi! I am currently working on a program that has several buttons in it lined up. Each button goes to different applications (.exe programs). The program I am making is suppose to be a fullscreen program and won't let you see any of Windows when it's running. Therefore I want to make a "back"...
  4. K

    Question Reading a specific line in a text file?

    I have been learning VB for about 3 months now at college and decided to enhance my skills by making my own project at home. My project is basically a game where you have to guess if the next number will be higher or lower than the previous version and you can place bets on it. I have done all...
  5. P

    Question WM_PRINT not working correctly

    For one of my programs I need some code that will be able to capture a WebBrowser control on TabPage1 and then put that image into a PictureBox on TabPage2. I've been struggling with finding examples of how to capture hidden windows and what I did find confuses me because I am not very a very...
  6. M

    Help in Visual Basic

    My friend and I are taking a visual basic online class. We are total beginners and are having trouble with a programming assignment. We have to create a arithmetic calculator with an enter button multiplication button and an addition button. What we can't seem to code properly is the event...
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