1. G

    Question how to set selected grid row as default row for storing data from other forms

    Hi there, Im a beginner in I have a issue that i can't resolve even after extensive search on the internet. In programming a mysql driven application witch gathers information from several other forms i have created. Im able to save the data to the mysql database, but when opening a new...
  2. jlcruzAME

    Grab Item from GridView

    On a page that I have a gridview, one of the columns is a link for the user to open another page to upload files. Is there a way to grab a value out of the row that is clicked on? One of the columns is an ID number I need to grab when they click on this link, if possible. Here is the code for...
  3. jlcruzAME

    Moving Through Gridview

    Currently I have a page that pulls data out of a table into a gridview. One of the columns is a check box where they mark entries for completion. When they've marked all the entries they need, they click on a submit button that, at the moment, processes all the checked entries at once. Is...
  4. R

    Question SelectParameters in a GridView Control

    Hi All I have a very simple database which I am doing some testing on. It has 1 table (called Table1) and within this table is 1 column (Titled Col1). These holds about 5 VARCHAR values. I am trying to create a simple webpage interface for this table which will allow me to enter a word and then...
  5. O

    Question enabling gridview column at runtime

    Hi, I have a gridview with one of the columns disabled at design time and based on a specific role of the user I need to enable it in run time. so: If user_role = isfromthisgroup then gridview.col(4).enable end if How can this be achieved? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. S

    Question Looking for Aspxgridview thousand seperator logic in devexpress

    i have one gridview with numeric data i want the data display format changed to for example i have 10000 i want 10 000 similarly 1000000 - 1 000 000
  7. B

    update, insert, delete

    how to update, insert and delete data in mysql with different tables using datagridview,,, help pls thanks :D
  8. B


    how to input data in mysql, different tables with one query? is it possible to do in gridview in 2008?
  9. B

    download path different on chrome, IE and mozilla

    hye all, im facing an issues according file path, im develop a system, the system contain gridview have hyperlinks and use navigateurl=<%# "\folder\subfolder\" + Eval("FullName").ToString().Remove(0,30)%>'> <%# Eval("Name") %>. what i facing now, when i using chrome and IE and...
  10. H

    GridView with nested Combobox

    Hello to all readers. (Dont know if this should go here or under ASP.Net seeing its VB.Net i posted it here) Scenario: You have a store and like to order a couple of new items for your store, so naturally you will need an order form to be filled in. Requirements on the form are: ID number of...
  11. L

    Question __EVENTTARGET settable on postback? Alternative approach?

    Hi, I am having problems setting the __EVENTTARGET on postback. It works perfectly on my development environment (standalone) but not in the live environment (corporate intranet). I am running XPSP1 with 3.5SP1 using VS2008. Live environment is also running same. I have a ButtonField...
  12. A

    text box in Grid View footer row not giving correct text.

    Hi Guys, I am having a problem getting some text from a textbox inside the footerrow of a gridview if it is changed. I can get the actual text box using gridview1.footerrow.findcontrol("control name") but it gives me whatever value it was set to on load and not the changed text. Here is my...
  13. G

    Question Gridview validation - almost perfect - but not quite

    Hi This is a vb (2008) asp site. I'm using validators in a gridview control. The columns have been converted to templates and, when editing the data the validation works as expected. However, when the gridview first goes into Edit mode, even if the existing data fails validation, the...
  14. E

    Formatting a programatically created column..

    Hello Everyone I have a question that maybe somebody can help me with: I am trying to figure out the best way to format a column created at runtime. of course naturally the following code doesnt work: [B]Dim dcFutureViews As New DataColumn("Totals", GetType(String)) dcFutureViews.Expression =...
  15. A

    Question Printing a GridView control with formatting intact

    Hi all, I've got a gridview control on an asp web page which I format dynamically using VB to assign Red/Amber/Green based on the values in each cell of the grid. On rendering, this creates a nicely formatted table with HTML tags assigning colours to each cell. e.g. ...</tr><tr...
  16. L

    Question Display database results as hyperlink in gridview

    hi friends! am doing a website for a company. the problem is i have gridview with sqlserver db connection. when i show the results , it should be a hyperlink. when user clicks the particular row in the grid it should open a new popup with those details...
  17. S

    Question Key Pressing Events

    Hai Every one. Employee ID(Textbox) is there, I have to press F1 key in that textbox, after pressing F1 key a GridView should be displayed as POP UP . How to write code for key pressing events. Anyone help me plzzz. It is very urgent, for my project. Thanks in Advance
  18. J

    Map Excel To SQL Table columns in gridview

    Hi there, I have been trying to get this workin for last few days and have searched all over net with no solution. I want a gridview with 2 columns, one is a dropdown box with the values of the Excel schema, the other is just a textbox with each row having a different item of the sql table...
  19. J

    Advanced WinForms Controls

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