1. H

    Question Filtering and Copying Excel Data using a Windows Form

    Hey, First off just like to point out this is my first post in this forum, so if its in the wrong place or anything please let me know - its not intentional :encouragement: Also, if you could just comment/ help with the specific issue rather than the background process that would be great...
  2. S

    Question Filter Form Graphic

    Hi i am creating a program to be used on a ships bridge, the problem i have is at night they have to be able to swith to night mode, i have the program dimming the display but wanted to add a red filter to the form also, i have used Photoshop to show what i want to kind of do: The Normal Form...
  3. D

    Question Filtering a BindingSOurce and Datagridview by Date

    Hi, I am trying to filter a binding source by a date field in a datagridview (using 2010 and sql server 2008) Now my filter works for names no problem but not for dates ! Dates in the database are proper dates in the yyyy/mm/dd format ! Heres my code I followed an example on the web...
  4. P

    Question Filtering Data source code problem

    Hi , i am currently designing a Inventory Management System for my school Project , the add data edit data and delete data part of the software works for me but i am kinda stuck at the filtering data part and it does not seem to work at all . This is my source Code Sub combobox_itemID()...
  5. W

    Question winforms -- filter on detail view?

    I have been able to get filters working with datagridviews, comboboxes, and combobox filtered on the selection of a previous combobox selection. Now I have a winform detail view that I am trying to filter. The dataset.table.Defaultview.RowFilter = filterString works. the count on the dataset...
  6. B

    Question Datagridview with multiple text

    Hi all I have a project that connects to a sql database. I have a form that contains a datagridview for the database. The database itself contains many different columns (e.g. customer name, serial number, cust phone number, current status) I am concerned about the current status column...
  7. roccoman

    Question Filter DataSet with parent / child tables

    hi all, been awhile since i posted here i'm not %100 sure this is the proper forums (my question is about DataSets within the code) but here goes: i have a DataSet with 3 tables - 1 parent table ("TableA"), 2 child tables ("TableB", "TableC"). i need to cascade the results when i filter the...
  8. B

    Question How to make my filter can navigate through my data

    I converted a program from vb6 to, I used a propertybag to clone my recordsets and after I would filter them to navigate threw my data and then show the result in a gridview, but I have a problem in with my filter. In vb6 the program would go through my data, but in .net it stays...
  9. A

    Question filtering or searching with controls in a DataGridView

    Hi there, I have created a DataGridView from an MS access query (more than 12 columns!), I would like to make a search or filter the records either with an external combobox or some checkboxes to avoid showing all the columns and making a search through the controls. I know... it's a very...