Question Filtering and Copying Excel Data using a Windows Form


Nov 10, 2014
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First off just like to point out this is my first post in this forum, so if its in the wrong place or anything please let me know - its not intentional :encouragement: Also, if you could just comment/ help with the specific issue rather than the background process that would be great.

Okay, so for some general background, what is happening is that we are carrying out analysis of different systems, but it follows the same procedure every time, so there is now a tool and template. The template relies on pulling data specific to the system from an excel database. This data is then saved to the template you are working on for later use...

Right, so more specifically i want to stream line this process of copying the data using a userform, and ideally i want it to function very similarly to how excel's filter process works.

The database is quite large, and effectively the user needs to be able to filter the data to include items firstly by category, then sub-category and then specific item.

In an ideal situation, I want to create a form that has multi-select listboxes or checkboxes that dynamically updates the next listbox/checkbox selection so that both and the user knows what data is to be copied to the template.

If im not being very clear, then i apologise, so here is an example:
so if i had a database where i want to grab data about a renault clio's and ford fiesta's, then i would want to the users to be able to select:
category: cars
sub category: Ford, Renault
item: Fiesta, Clio.

If you could advise me what is the best method to look further into then that would be really great. I have a few ideas, i just dont want to spend weeks starting to look further into implementing this if it isnt really possible.

Thanks in advance!
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