1. bluezap

    Match desktop file name to name on listview

    Hi, I'm writing a basic uninstaller in I got everything down but I need help with one small aspect. When the user drags and drops a software on the uninstaller I need it to automatically match the listed software on the uninstaller and start the uninstallation dialog immedietely. The way...
  2. ThomasCZ

    Adding metadata to file

    Hello, can I somehow add metadata to a file? I'm not familiar with it. All I can do is to get the date and time the picture was taken: 1 System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetString(imageFile.GetPropertyItem(36867).Value) But I need to add to the file following attributes: 1 ProjectionType...
  3. N

    Question Drag Drop Files works in Visual Studio but fails in deployed version

    I have a windows application that can drag and drop files from File Explorer/Desktop into a listbox. It works fine in the Visual Studio Express 2013 environment in both debug and release builds. I have created an exe using Inno5 and when deployed as a stand-alone version - the drag and drop...
  4. V

    Recursive file searching

    Hi. I have some code which recursively searches for files on a folder. The problem is I want it to change a boolean value once it has completed. I don't mean once it gets to the end of the sub, I mean once it's literally finished. I had to code it the way it is otherwise I would have gotten...
  5. nineclicks

    Question Getting file details

    I'm trying to get file details from pictures and videos such as width and height without having to actually open the file. I plan on indexing a lot of files at once so if I could just grab the file details like the ones in a files properties menu that would help a lot. I know they are labeled...
  6. C

    Question Collections and files

    Need help getting my application to read file into the form on program load and to write the collection to the file with out writing the first set of data in the collection over and over on exiting the program. im attaching the file.
  7. R

    Question Spliting records into variable formats

    Hi I am splitting data from an ASCII file generated by another system which has records of a varied format. The first 2 characters in each record are used to indicate the structure of the remaining data in the record. For example: 1 2 3 4 5...
  8. T

    Question windows forms app copy a file to a preset folder

    hi thanks for the help I'm writing a program and i need to have a button put a file into a folder, i know how the button works i already have it doing some other stuff. i just don't know the code to copy and past it to a folder.
  9. 1

    Appending to text file on server

    Is it possible to append text to a text file located on a webserver from a winform? If so, can you please point me in the right direction. I've searched this forum but can only find documentation on appending a local text file.
  10. ndraycott

    Question File upload path not saving to database

    Hi I am attempting to write the file upload path to a sql server database. The file uploads fine but nothing is entered into the database? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sub btnUpload_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnConfirm.Click...
  11. S

    Question Splitting Large Files

    Hello, I'm working on trying to split a large file from say 3gb to multiple 500mb files with a .1, .2, .3 etc... extension. My output is one 500mb file and one 28kb file. I can't figure out what I'm missing to continue reading the filestream into the 2nd split file. here is my code so far...
  12. iDASTANx

    Question Got a problem with opening CSV files.

    Hey guys :) Pretty new at Visual Basic (just getting that out there before I continue). So, for my computing project I have to import csv files (got that bit working, got it opening up and displaying in a text box) and search through it to find criteria that I want. Anyways, I am having...
  13. A

    Question How to run a file from a CD if you don't know what the CD drive letter is?

    I'm creating a small program using Visual Basic 2010 Express. I'm planning to place the program on a CD, along with the files I want to run. The program will have command buttons, and each button will open a different file. For example, if there is a file on the CD named ReadMe.txt, the user...
  14. Germcloud

    How can you save a wav resource to a file?

    An application I'm building requires that I save a wav resource to a wav file on disk. I can do it just fine for mp3's, but when I try to save the wav resources I get "Error 1 Value of type 'System.IO.UnmanagedMemoryStream' cannot be converted to '1-dimensional array of Byte'." The program...
  15. Adagio

    Question Load icon from file

    I have now tried many different codes found all over the web, but so far I haven't had much luck :( I need to load the icon from a file, any file (including shortcuts) in as high quality as possible (it's ok if the code only works in Vista/Windows 7) So far I have only been able to get low...
  16. Adagio

    Question Binaryreader - Reading to end of file?

    I have tried to create a method for writing information from an instance of a class to a binary file. The code works fine, the only problem is finding the end of the file. After it has read the last value that should be read, the basestream.Length is still higher than basestream.Position (by a...
  17. dominion_vortar

    Question Working with text files

    Hi, I have a text file containing 10 pieces of information. I want to read the information from the text file and put it in text boxes on a form, so that the user can view the information and edit if required. What is the best way of approaching this? Thanks for your time :)
  18. P

    Question Check File Permission

    Hello, I've hosted a webservice on IIS 7.0, and this webservices is checking the file permission of different file on another server. I use System.IO.File.Exists to check if I have access to the file. But I always get the answer "False". If I check a file that is on my IIS server ( the same...
  19. I

    Question Dynamic image load

    Hi All, I have a web page that accepts parameter and based on the parameter value it displays the image(Image is saved in project images folder with parametername.jpg) Now what i am doing is, i am reading that parameter from query string and assigning it to a hidden value. then on aspx page i...
  20. H

    Question External Files - How do i use them?

    I have my program which does not need to be installed, and i have made a .chm for it as a help. but how can i integrate it into the program, or make it so that when the user opens it, it can actually find the file, because it works on my computer as it says: Process.Start "C:\Program\Help.chm"...