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    Question Printing to Epson TM-T88III receipt printer with printer native fonts

    I am trying to write to Epson TM-T88III receipt printer using 2005. I am using PrintDocument class. Using system fonts is too slow to print so I wanted to use printer native fonts. But my application replaces the printer fonts with system fonts when I try to print. Here is the code: 'to...
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    Question Why the receipt didn't print like what I want ??

    Hi all, I got a problem. I'm making a small POS program. I'm using EPSON TM-U220 Printer for receipt printer. There's a few fonts that the driver gives : FontA11, FontA12, FontA11[254], FontB11, control, controlA, etc.. I use FontA11. When I tried to print it with Ms. Word, it printed...
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    Question What is the Font for receipt usually ?

    Hi, I am really confuse right now. I am making an application for retail shop (POS), I am using an EPSON printer TM-U220. It's a dot matrix printer. These days, I collected some receipt from other store as samples. I count the columns, most of them have 40 columns. I've tried every font that my...