1. U

    Question Working on Anti Cheat, need help making DLL

    Introduction: I have made a simple anticheat.exe application, which runs in processes once my patcher/launcer program I also made starts up "MainClient.exe". A few problems: 1. I need tomake a DLL to make sure that the "AntiCheat.exe" process is open when the "MainClient.exe" process is. If it...
  2. Mixen Dixon

    Question Global CBT Hook

    I've been looking around for a way to get a global CBT hook in my application, and I found that it is impossible in managed code. It appeared that the only way to do it in VB.NET was to get a DLL written in something like C++. Now, I am NOT a C++ programmer by any means, so I don't feel...
  3. D

    Question Exposing .NET COM component to VB6

    Hello my saviors (I hope), I have a little problem getting my .NET component to work in VB6. I have created in Visual Studio 2008 with VB.NET using the COM Class template a assembly which I want to call in VB6. This is the code: <ComClass(TestTemplateClass.ClassId...
  4. N

    Question My plan for dynamic add-on loading - Thoughts?

    Hi! I am currently developing an application that will be the "base" for several components (business reporting systems, order management, etc). The idea is that our customers will install this "mother application", and we will offer components that will slot into it, expanding the...
  5. J

    PInvoke / Pointer to pointer structure

    I am trying to complete my project with third party dll using vb.net , i cant call the function RDA_ReadAlarmList as below , this function call return a integer value and receive the RDA_ReadAlarmList Structure and RDA_AlarmSearchParam as a parameter. Hope the bro here can help me on this ...
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