1. nevron

    Nevron announces the immediate availability of Nevron Vision for .NET 2014.1!

    Wilmington, Delaware ? April 14, 2014 ? Nevron Software is proud to announce the immediate availability of Nevron Vision for .NET 2014.1: the award winning suite of data visualization controls for Server and Desktop .NET application development. With this major release Nevron continues to...
  2. nevron

    Nevron announces Visual Studio 2012 support

    Nevron Software announces Visual Studio 2012 support - the Vision for .NET Suite 2012.1 (including Chart, Gauge, Diagram, Map and UI controls) is now available for VS2012. We are pleased to announce the release of the new service pack for Nevron Vision for .NET 2012.1. For many years now...
  3. H

    Question Flowcharts/ Flow diagrams in Visual Studio for desktop apps

    Hello, I would like to know if there is any way to create interactive flowcharts in visual studio for a desktop application. What I would actually like to do is to build an app that can build a hierarchy diagram/flowchart from information that will vary depending on a query made by the user...
  4. nevron

    Nevron Vision for .NET 2012 Vol. 1 is released

    Nevron Software is proud to announce the official release of the new Vision for .NET suite 2012.1 – the leading Data Visualization component suite for .NET development! The 2012.1 major release introduces new ThinWeb Chart and ThinWeb Diagram controls, performance improvements, Chart Custom...
  5. nevron

    Nevron Diagram for .NET Q2 2008 - available

    Nevron Diagram for .NET helps you to integrate and display sophisticated diagrams in your .NET Windows Forms and Web Forms applications quickly and easily. It is a complete diagramming solution, packed with many interactivity features, shapes, automatic layouts, stunning visual effects and...