Nevron Diagram for .NET Q2 2008 - available


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Feb 28, 2006
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Nevron Diagram for .NET helps you to integrate and display sophisticated diagrams in your .NET Windows Forms and Web Forms applications quickly and easily.
It is a complete diagramming solution, packed with many interactivity features, shapes, automatic layouts, stunning visual effects and comes equipped with ready to use controls to help you boost your application development.
Carefully crafted to meet different requirements, it provides unmatched extensibility options, which will help you to integrate the solution better into the context of your particular application.
Nevron Diagram for .NET includes both Windows Forms and ASP.NET components, and has full support for VS2005 and VS2008. It is available in two different editions - Professional and Enterprise - to meet your specific requirements.

Improved Layouts
The following layouts were significantly improved:
  • Layered Graph Layout - Added support for orthogonal edge routing, with integrated bus spacing, which allows for the generation of very nice looking orthogonal graph drawings. Added support for node alignment options, which help you specify the relative alignment of nodes inside the layer. Added support for different node ranking policies. Added support of in and out plug spacing, which work very well with bus spacing and further increases the drawing readability.
  • Dock Layout - Added support for different filling and fitting modes.
  • Orthogonal Graph Layout - Added support for plug spacing.

All layouts were carefully profiled and as a result the layouts now perform much faster.

Improved Documentation
The documentation of the component has been improved in order to be more user friendly.

Free, fully functional evaluation version is available for Download
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