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    Please can my account be deleted

    As per the subject... Please can my accountbe deleted?
  2. C

    Question Unable to delete row from database

    I have a windows form which connects to multiple database tables. On my form, I have a combobox. I want to be able to hit the delete button and remove the row from the access database which corresponds with the selected combobox value. I've tried many variations of this in my code but am...
  3. S

    Question Deleting a file from an FTP site (am I doing it correctly)

    Hi, I currently have the following portion of code below, which deletes a file "solarradiationchart.png" from an FTP site, from within my program. But a couple of users are having problems with my program which I think I have pinpointed to this portion of code, as the other code that runs...
  4. C

    delete win32 file?

    Hello I need info on how to delete a win32 file in (admin permission needed) im not trying to make a virus im making a program that fixes your icon cache, but to do this you need to get rid of thumbs.db which is located in win32 and i have gotten an app error when trying to accomplish...
  5. C

    Compare value in registry then delete and restart a service

    I need help writing a code to search through a list of computer names and checking for a registry value "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Network Associates\ePolicy Orchestrator\Agent" and check the string AgentGUID for the value {4D604353-44D1-4EB2-A58F-B34207B785DC}. If the value is present delete the value and...
  6. S

    Strange Timeout Error

    I've put together the following script, and it runs great on my local machine (w/ SQL Express), but when I change the SQL login information to our company server (SQL Server 2008), it kicks back a timeout error at the second .ExecuteNonQuery() line, which i've colered red. The user credentials...
  7. S

    query db, delete based on results

    ok, I have what I hope is an easy problem to fix. i'm try to query a db, store to a temp table, and then query the same db, inner joined with first query. please help. I'm currently getting "access cant find table/query" error. I've tried putting quotes around tmp, and that doesnt work either...
  8. D

    Question Deleting Dynamically Populated Treeview Nodes using a loop

    I have a Treeview that is populated from a Sql Db. The Db table that holds the Treeview data has a column for 'id' and a column for 'parent'. The Treeview executes and populates flawlessly using a For Each loop. I want to offer Content Management for the Treeview which requires the user to be...
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    Question TableAdapter, Add works, Update works, Delete has no effect

    Don't know what's happened to my post?... Hi All, I've been banging my head against this for days now if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated I've got a couple of forms that share a datatable (declared in a module as public), it's basically a list of documents, one form has a...
  10. A

    SQL command or Manual Query Qustions?

    Hi guys, After getting dataset's datatable by using wizard ,we can update those tables rows or table by calling that table's adapter. Like blow: Me.Validate() Me.DepartmentBindingSource.EndEdit() Me.DesignationBindingSource.EndEdit()...
  11. A

    Update Sql Query ?

    Hi guys , I want to create manual update , delete and insert command... I am curious why ms create those line of commands: UPDATE Department SET ID = ?, Department = ? WHERE (ID = ?) AND (? = 1) AND (Department IS NULL) OR (ID = ?) AND...
  12. V

    Problem with .ldb file

    I am using 'ADOX.Catalog' namespace and the following code to create a new MS Access database. Private Function CreateAccessDatabase() As Boolean '------------------------------------------------------- 'This method is called to create a new Access database 'Required: NewDBConnectionString...
  13. Ja2984

    List Searched files in Checked List Box

    Hi i'm currently planning on developing a program that needs to do a wildcard find/search for files of all types (*.lst *.pdf *.tmt ...etc) based on user input. So e.g. User input = 12345 Display all files containing that number in the name: 2D12345.pdf TF12345.lst TF12345_1.tmt etc.. I...