1. Phix

    Resolved Thread and updating Forms

    I'm working on a website where we'll be getting a lot of videos to be uploaded. To keep things simple and secure, I'm just writing windows app to suck all the files in a directory in, allow you to set some options, and start the encode by spawning a new FFMpeg process. I have a working...
  2. S

    Question Multi-threading in GUI environment

    Hi, I made a simple Form1, with Text.Box1 (starting value=1) and Text.Box2 (starting value = 100000), as shown below : I wanted that, when the Form loads,value of Text.Box1 keeps on increasing by 2 and value of Text.Box2 keeps on decreasing by 3. I wanted to achieve this by multi-threading...
  3. D

    Question cross thread call problem

    Hi, Even though there are many examples of Invoke operations, I can't find something that works for me. (I'm using VS 2008, and working in VB) Here is what i have: A main module with functions (thread 1) that starts a BeginRead for a TCPClient. When the callback function executes (on thread...
  4. M

    Question Create Property Setter Delegate via DynamicMethod

    I'm building an abstract class that handles some common operations for all of my data access objects. The class will utilize generics, so I can't make direct calls to constructors, business object properties, etc. Reflection is way too slow for what I want to accomplish, so I am using a...
  5. bmw325ist

    Closing a WPF Window or Form after crossing threads?

    I want to close the main form after another process has exited if the user says yes. I have the MainWindow Class and a modProcess Class coded below. I'm using VS 2010. For whatever reason, the object Me or MainWindow is not accessible, how do I fix it? Thanks. Public Class MainWindow Dim...
  6. froodley

    Delegate params not being mismatched

    Hi, all, I'm new to the forums; I hope I've picked a good one for this post. :confused: I'm having an issue with an application suite I'm developing. The bulk of the work is done in a backend dll that relies heavily on delegate subs in the different apps. The problem I'm having is, I have a...
  7. V

    Pass Object between threads

    What is the best way to pass objects between threads? I would like to create a new thread that creates a new object : Dim myobject as newobject = new newoject Then in my main thread, I would like to use myobject. Ideally I would like to just assign to a global variable but I don't think...
  8. G

    Question Searching a generic list

    Hi, I have been reading extensively about searching generic lists in VB.NET with the usage of delegates. However, I still cannot seem to grasp how to achieve what I want to, which I believe is frustratingly simple! I have a list populated with instances of an object with three parameters...